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You can choose from a number of postal options at checkout but be aware that an order worth £100, which is only insured for £50, won't be fully refunded if it is damaged or goes missing in transit*. But don't worry, if I spot an under or overpayment with your postal option, I will usually double check with you before shipping.


I always endeavour to use recycled packaging where possible.

All my listed postage costs are for 'small packages' because even small 3D Printed items push the 'large letter' option over the size limit. If you are only ordering (for instance) one clothing item for a doll, then please contact me in advance of payment for a cheaper, uninsured, domestic option.

*look for the "ins to £xxx" postage options at checkout (e.g. 'insured up to £50'). You will see the shipping fee change based on the insurance option you choose.


I can accept returns as long as the items arrive back in the same condition as they were sent (and within 14 days of receipt) before issuing a refund.

I also offer refunds if there is damage to an item caused during transit, within 14 days of receipt and after informing me of the damage [including clear photographic proof of both the package (if relevant) and the damaged items].

You must also have chosen the appropriate postage to cover the loss or damage when you ordered, so that I can return your money once the Post Office has refunded it to me. (See Shipping Policy above)


I still only offer Paypal as a payment method so we both have the extra layer of protection during transactions.

I might offer more payment options in the future but that will be based on practicalities and demand.

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