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Individual hands ranging from early prototypes, classic poses and a rare few 'tweaked' designs for the injection molded bodies - or 'Cutie' style

There are a wide range of colours dating back to the days of batch-dying* which produced many variations of Cocoa Bean, Strawberry Milk, Pistachio and (now aged) White. Plus the later, popular, introduction of Cool Caramel and fresher Whites.


I've tried to pick the best colour swatches to match the items (hover your mouse over each one to see the style you're picking) but of course screen colours vary so it's more as a guideline than a precise colour.


*If the colour you require doesn't appear to exist, or you can't find it in the style you want, boil-dying white parts is easy, or boil washing the dye out of darker colours can produce the required results. IE boiling some of the cocoa bean colours to get pistachio (as the red tones are often the first to fade).

Also it is possible to fit older hands to the injection molded bodies but they might need a tiny rotary tool (eg dremel) to expand the socket slightly.

Left Hands for Makies - various colours

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